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The best Safari and Beach Holidays

For many of us the notion of the ubiquitous ‘week on the beach’ is deeply embedded in our psyche. It is hard to feel we’ve had proper time away unless we’ve bleached our hair with saltwater. And anointed at least one paperback with a mix of sand and sun lotion. So which are the beaches we can measure against our exacting standards? Crashing breakers and trendy bars, or perhaps a peaceful lagoon and miles from anywhere? There’s so much choice for safari and beach holiday combinations in Africa. So a quick chat with us will help you to narrow down the options.
The winning combination of safari and beach is an appealing option for many. What can be nicer than following the adrenaline, and the all-too-early mornings of a safari, with a more relaxed, unstructured few days on the beach?

But which beach destination go with which safaris depends on a number of criteria.

Factors to consider

  • Time of year
  • Style of beach resort – are you looking for a five star stylish chic resort hotel? Or are you looking for a more laid back relaxed ambiance?
  • How active do you want to be? Will you want to try out or perfect your technique on various water sports? Or is a good beach, a spot of snorkeling and the odd sunset cruise all you need?
  • We’d all like to head straight from the safari to the beach within a few hours. But sometimes that’s not possible and an overnight stay en route is necessary. Is that a deal breaker for you?
  • How deep are your pockets? Some tropical beach destinations are both remote and pricey. So you’ll have to dig deep. We know which options will give you the best value for money if you have a set budget in mind.

Good destinations for Safari and Beach holidays

South Africa with Mozambique with direct flights to the Benguerra Islands

Botswana or South Africa with the Quirimbas Archipelago in Mozambique or  Mauritius  – this will necessitate an overnight en route.

Zambia & Malawi (or even Malawi by itself)

Tanzania safari with Zanzibar – see Zanzibar Honeymoons for more on this…

Kenya with the Seychelles

Check out our top picks below for the best safari and beach holidays carefully selected to give you the most time on safari and the least time waiting at airport.

Or check out our favourite beach hotels. These ranges from family-friendly beach resorts to romantic places which make you feel that you are still dreaming, to luxurious hidden island retreats…

Safari and Beach Holidays in South Africa – special considerations

The beach experience in South Africa varies by both region and season in South Africa. So what we recommend for you in August will be completely different to what we recommend in February. The beaches vary immensely from charming coastal resort towns with golden beaches along the Garden Route and Dolphin Coast to hidden away retreats miles from anywhere.

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