We showcase the best & the bravest of this year’s safari & honeymoon offers in Africa.


Africa Safari Offers

We resisted having the word ‘Offers’ on our website for a long time mainly for two reasons:
  • An African safari is never going to be a cheap holiday. You are paying for the privilege of witnessing the African wilderness at its best. And it takes lots of conservation money and effort to preserve these special places for future generations…
  • More prosaically, we incorporate all the best safari offers and value-added options in ALL our tailor-made safaris. So we don’t want you to assume that our Offers are the only ones which are well- priced.

Having said that, we think it’s worth drawing your attention to some of the best current Offers available. We have access to some great travel deals – such as long stay specials, honeymoon offers and safari circuit offers when you pay less if you combine ‘sister’ camps.

So having a ‘safari offers’ page allows us to showcase the best and the bravest…

Our Offers are divided into Trip Offers and Accommodation Offers (select the Orange tab…)

We highlight Trip Offers where we know that our trip prices incorporate a number of special offers available through the year…

The majority of our Accommodaiton Offers are in South Africa. The detail on the offer is shown under each accommodation.

(Why not Southern Africa? The reason why we haven’t selected too many Southern African camps on this page is that nearly all of them have some sort of combo offer, so we’d end up having to list ALL of them. )

Honeymoon Offers

Honeymoon offers are not so common (yet) on mainland Africa. But are a common aspect of an Indian Ocean beach stay. Usually in the form of the bride paying only 50% if you stay for a certain length of time (usually 4 or 5 nights).

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