Zambia is the essence of raw Africa with superb safari activities on land and on water.


Zambia Safari Ideas

A Zambia safari offers the essence of Africa with some of the finest wildlife experiences in Africa. It also offers one of its greatest rivers: the Zambezi. The game reserves are truly wild and remote. So it will appeal if you are hungry for an intimate safari experience in a pristine environment.

How to get around Zambia

The easiest option is to fly to Johannesburg and then connect to either Lusaka or Livingstone (for Victoria Falls). Within Zambia, there is only one way to travel and that’s by air. Victoria Falls and all of the major National Parks are connected by scheduled and “seat in charter” flights. So your safari fits seamlessly together.

Zambia vs Botswana?

We are often asked to compare Zambia as a safari destination with its more famous neighbour. Zambia safaris have three distinct advantages.

  • First of all, the standard of guiding is uniformly high. The Zambia safari lodges are often run by visionary characters. They balance a passion for wild places with the fierce dedication of bush entrepreneurs. Every guide has to pass stringent guiding exams, especially the walking safari guides. Thus, the quality of your guide’s all-round bush knowledge is notable.
  • Secondly, and somewhat unusually, the national parks of Zambia allow both night drives and bush walks.
  • Finally there is a friendly service ethic which is pervasive throughout the safari industry.
Insiders Guide to Zambia Safaris
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Insiders Guide to Zambia Safaris

Best time for a Zambia Safari?

Some of the Zambia camps are ‘closed’ during the rainy season from mid November to March. As the ground becomes too water-logged for safari vehicles. But when the flood-plains dry out in April, the roads are remade into more remote areas. Then they reassemble the seasonal bush camps. So typically the safari season lasts from mid April to October or early November with some localised exceptions. However the bush camps often only open from mid May onwards.

Lusaka, Zambia’s capital, shares the same climate as that of the higher areas of central and southern Zambia. See the average max and min temperatures, and average rainfall for Lusaka below.

The Victoria Falls are a sight to behold for much of the year. Yet we don’t recommend staying on the Zambian side of the Victoria Falls from September to mid January. As the water levels drop much more on the Zambian side.

Where To Go

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