Cederberg Mountains

Stay in the heart of the Cederberg in pristine mountain country - walks, rock art, fynbos, swimming in rock pools and stunning scenic drives.


Enjoy hiking, wine-tasting, donkey cart trails and scenic drives in the Cederberg Wilderness Area.

The 100 km Cederberg mountain range consists of Table Mountain Sandstone, richly coloured by iron oxides and eroded into curious shapes such as the well-known Wolfberg Arch, Stadsaal caves and the dramatic Maltese Cross. The Cedarberg rises majestically above the vineyards and citrus groves of the Oliphants River valley.

Most of the Cedarberg mountains are part of the official Cedarberg Wilderness Reserve and remains one of the most pristine areas of South Africa. Ancient mountain trails take you through pristine fynbos and past curious rock formations. Fynbos include the rare Snow Protea and Clanwilliam pincushion.

Simple self-catering accommodation is available within the reserve. However just outside the Cederberg Wilderness area there are a number of country lodges such as Mount Ceder Lodge.

Cederberg Wilderness Reserve, Cederberg mountains

We also offer the Cederberg Heritage Route as a great way to enjoy the Cederberg – guided ‘slackpacking’ trails ranging from 3-5 nights staying at unspoilt mission villages and B&Bs. Check out the Klein Krakadouw Trail or Wupperthal Trail.

Some of the delights of the Cederberg mountains:

  • Pristine wilderness experience
  • Plenty of well maintained walking trails
  • Stadsaal Caves with their amazing rock formations
  • San rock art at Stadsaal & Sevilla Rock Art trail
  • Scenic mountain drives
  • Cederberg Heritage Route – slack-packing trails
  • Excellent wine-tasting at Cederberg Cellars
  • Swimming in natural rock-pools such as Algeria Forest Station or Maalgat

Is it the Cederberg or Cedarberg mountains?

You may have noticed that our company name is spelt Cedarberg. Yet we now call this region the Cederberg. Why is this? Basically there are two spellings of this region in common usage. The English name is the Cedarberg but now many people have combined the English and Afrikaans spelling (Sederberg) into Cederberg mountains. So that’s why we have mainly said Cederberg mountains to describe the region, but we’ve used both names almost interchangeably. (We decided not to change our own company name because the Cederberg is only one of the areas we sell…)

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