Contrast the beguiling and secret Valle de Mai with dazzling beaches flanked with sculpted granite boulders.


Praslin Island is the second largest inhabited island in the archipelago, at seven miles by two and a half, and is a 15-minute flight from Mahe (or a one hour high speed ferry). However it is a fair bit quieter and its mix of stunning beaches, lush green hills and valleys makes for the perfect beach retreat.

Believed by some to be the original Garden of Eden, Praslin is home to one of the Seychelles’ two World Heritage sites, the Valle de Mai, a primeval rainforest containing gigantic palm trees – including the unique Coco de Mer palm, notorious for its suggestive-shaped fruit.

You can watch turtle eggs hatch at a sheltered nesting site and hunt through virgin forest for some of the world’s rarest birds – the Seychelles Bulbul, the Fruit Pigeon and the Black Parrot.

Praslin is also a perfect base for further island exploration. Boat excursions can take you to La Digue and also Aride, Cousin and Curieuse famous for their nesting turtles, birdlife and rich coral life.

Why Praslin Island?

  • Slower pace of life than Mahé
  • Visit the stunning Valle de Mai world heritage site
  • Home to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches such as Anse Lazio and Anse Gorgette
  • Home to the Seychelles’ only 18 hole golf course at Lemuria
  • Can enjoy day excursions to nearby islands such as La Digue or Cousine
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