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Seychelles Holiday Ideas

The Seychelles is as close to a natural visual paradise as you can ever hope to see. It is geographically, botanically and culturally diverse – with a rich bird and marine-life and superb snorkelling and diving.

A ‘thousand miles from anywhere’, the Seychelles archipelago of 109 islets and six larger islands lies 4º south of the Equator, outside the cyclone belt, and has no malaria or serious diseases. Its people are a multi-ethnic blend of settlers from Europe, Africa and Asia who have assimilated different traditions and religions into the relaxed Seychellois culture.

A Seychelles holiday can offer lots of contrasts; some islands are like tiny emeralds dropped in the azure ocean, home only to birds and indolent holiday-makers. Other Seychelles islands have rainforests and waterfalls to beckon you away from the white powder beaches. Searching for the perfect viewpoint becomes as addictive as the hunt for the perfect undiscovered cove.

The Seychelles appeal is more to the nature-lover than the glamour-seeker. It’s a place to see things rather than to be seen. Sports fisherman, divers, birders and families alike enjoy the ultimate escape from life’s pressures on one of the private islands. And of course, the pampering and delicious seafood appeals to honeymooners and all romantics.

La Digue Island , Inner Islands of Seychelles

Seychelles Holidays – Island Hopping

Most people choose one resort to stay usually on Mahe or Praslin, but with such contrasting experiences, we recommend some island hopping if you have enough time. Stay on Mahe or Praslin for 3-4 nights and then head to one of the smaller, private islands for a few days.

Island hopping doesn’t have to be by private helicopter (though they are heavily in evidence, and a lot of fun). You can just as easily take a ferry with the locals.

The best time to visit the Seychelles?

The Seychelles has year round appeal, with temperatures ranging agreeably from 24°C up to 32°C. Sea breezes largely counteract the summer heat and humidity between November and April and drier, slightly cooler weather prevails from May through October with the prevailing trade winds. December and January are often the wettest months but the rain usually takes the form of short sharp storms which actually reduce the humidity and so are welcomed by most holiday makers.


How to there & get around

The main Inner Islands are easily accessible by inter-island flights from Mahé. It is also possible to reach Praslin and La Digue by boat. Beyond these are a number of away-from-it-all island retreats, including Desroches, Bird, Denis, Frégate and North Island; these are ideal for an indulgent week of barefoot luxury.

There are flights from London to Seychelles on Air Seychelles/Etihad Airways. Emirates and Quatar also fly to Seychelles via Dubai, from London and from the USA. The islands also combine well with a safari in Kenya, Tanzania or even South Africa. Air Seychelles has flights to Johannesburg three times a week and Nairobi twice a week making it easy to enjoy a Bush and Beach holiday.

There are numerous shuttle flights each day between Mahé and Praslin and Air Seychelles operates regular scheduled flights to the outer islands, though these are not necessarily every day.

Note: We don’t give per night prices for our Seychelles Resorts as the price changes with various long stay, honeymoon and family offers available at any time. Contact us for a quote for specific dates.

Where To Go

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