Sossusvlei & Namib Desert

To experience the high dunes of Sossusvlei at sunrise is one of the most mesmerising sights in Namibia, a must on anyone’s list…


Sossusvlei Lodges

We outline the best Sossusvlei Lodges for your visit to the Namib Desert. This is determined by what you want to see. The Namib Naukluft National Park covers nearly five million hectares of the Namib desert.  This park stretches from Luderitz northwards along the coast to Swakopmund, a glorious mix of towering dunes, vast gravel plains, curiously shaped canyon all with a mountain backdrop. Marvel at the gemsbok, with its rapier-sharp horns, and other animals that manage to survive in these dry conditions. The Namib Desert is also home to the sprawling Welwitschia and a multitude of toktokkie beetles and other creatures found nowhere else in the world.

Despite the worldwide fame of Sossusvlei, there are in fact three distinct areas which you might like to visit – the Sossusvlei dunes; the Namib Rand Nature Reserve further south and the Naukluft Mountains…

Hot air ballooning over Sossusvlei

Tour to Sossusvlei & Sesriem Canyon

Sossusvlei often rivals a visit to Etosha as the highlight of any Namibia holiday. Surrounded by towering, wave-crested dunes of red-orange sand, Sossusvlei is especially breathtaking in the early morning. Then the dunes are transformed into explosions of colour by the first rays of the sun.

You rise with the sun to see one of the most awesome sights in Namibia – the towering red dunes of Sossusvlei. These are some of the largest dunes in the world, rising more than 1000 feet above the Namib desert. This is paradise for the photographer, as the shadows create a magnificent contrast of colours. The energetic can climb one of the dunes for a panorama of the endless dune landscape, or explore Sesriem Canyon.

Tip for Sossusvlei Lodges – If you want to visit Sossusvlei, the secret is to stay as close as possible so that you can visit the dunes as early in the morning as possible… Stay at Sossus Dune Lodge just inside the Park or perhaps at Kulala Desert Lodge or Little Kulala with their private entrance to the park…

Namib Rand Nature Reserve

South of the Sossusvlei lodges lies the NamibRand Nature Reserve and its lodges. This is an absolutely stunning area of the Namib Desert which is the largest private nature reserve in Southern Africa. The NamibRand contains several luxurious private lodges such as Wolwedans Dune Lodge and Sossusvlei Desert Lodge. These make the perfect choice for a unique and sophisticated desert experience.

Given its relative southerly position, the focus tends to be on its immediate dune landscape rather than visiting the Sossusvlei dunes so that if you are very keen to see Sossusvlei then we recommend that you stay at one of the Sossusvlei Lodges as well as the NamibRand.

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