Unforgettable wildlife, varied and glorious scenery and fabulous tropical beaches, all in one country.


Kenya is arguably the classic safari destination in Africa. An image evoked by unforgettable film scores, powerful novels and wildlife documentaries: from the adventure, scenery and romance of Out of Africa to the drama of the Big Cat Diaries. There is nowhere to compare with a Kenya luxury safari for its diversity of landscapes, eco-systems and wildlife. Indeed the very term ‘safari’ was coined here. It’s the local Swahili word for ‘a journey’. The timeless combination of tropical beaches and renowned wildlife creates the perfect Kenya safari.

Many people worry that their game-viewing might be spoiled by hordes of minibuses crowding around sightings. Certainly this is a problem in the more accessible and developed parts of the Kenyan game reserves. Some lodges are large and sophisticated, but not the ones we use. Rather we favour the smaller game reserves and independent safari lodges. These are off the beaten track and work closely with local communities.

Free Insiders Guide to Migration Safaris
Download our in-depth guide to the wildebeest migration in the Serengeti and Masai Mara - where to go and when...
Free Insiders Guide to Migration Safaris

Why Kenya for your wildlife safari?

  • Most noteworthy is the Kenya wildebeest migration through the Masai Mara. It is one of the most unique African safari experiences. Perhaps even the highlight of your Kenia safari.
  • The Migration occurs from July to September. Thus making Kenya a great destination for a family safari in the July and August school breaks.
  • Furthermore, Kenya is probably the easiest African destination to combine ‘bush and beach’. This due to its  first-class game-viewing, white sandy beaches and warm tropical oceans. Furthermore the infrastructure makes this quicker and more affordable than elsewhere in Africa.
  • Being on the Equator, the Kenyan climate is warm and pleasant in winter when game-viewing is at its best. While you would need to wrap up warmly for game drives in Southern Africa at this time, Kenya’s climate remains pleasant.
  • As one of Africa’s leading safari destinations, Kenia has wildlife tours, safari lodges and beach hotels to cater for all budgets.

Kenya Climate

Due to its position on the Equator, the climate in Kenya is tropical. Many of Kenya’s parks have a similar climate to that of Nakuru, which is situated next to Nakuru National Park in the Rift Valley. Those at a lower altitude, like Amboseli, are warmer. Similarly those higher up like Laikipia Plateau are cooler and have a higher rainfall. See average max and min temperatures, and average rainfall for Nakuru below.

Where To Go

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