Simien Mountains

The Simien Mountains are not just about awe-inspiring views. It is also home to vast groups of endemic gelada primates as well as elusive leopard, hyena, ibex and the Ethiopian wolf.


The Simien Mountain National Park lies an easy three hour drive north of Gondar. This park protects some of the most stunning mountain countryside in Africa. If you love mountain scenery, then the jagged Simien mountains should be on your bucket list. Their beauty is brought into particularly sharp relief by the vertiginous river gorges.

But the Simien Mountain National Park is not only about glorious countryside. It is also home to vast groups of the endemic gelada primates which are fascinating to watch. Other wildlife include the elusive leopard as well as hyena, ibex and Ethiopian wolf. Futhermore the jagged cliffs are perhaps the best place in the world to see the spectacular lammergeyer.

Walking in the Simien Mountains National Park

These mountains offer fantastic walking and hiking. Choose between easy hikes along the edge of the plateau, to full day excursions, to multi-day trekking and camping trips to explore deeper into the park.

On even a short walk, you are guaranteed to see the gelada, usually in vast numbers. They are charmingly unfazed by your presence. So you can watch their elaborate grooming and mating rituals from close range – fantastic for keen photographers. It is no surprise that the Simien mountains are one of Ethiopia’s eight World Heritage Sites.

Simien Mountains sunset

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