Kaapse Stories

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Kaapse Stories

Kaapse Stories at the Rockwell Dinner Theatre

The exciting dinner-and-show experience, Kaapse Stories, was launched in June 2012. It was formerly housed at Richard’s Supper Stage in Sea Point, but is now playing at the Rockwell Dinner Theatre, situated at the Rockwell All-Suite hotel in Green Point.

“Kaapse Stories” is the perfect experience for guests of all ages. The show will transport you into the vibrant world of District Six, through the adventures of the Kleintjies family.  Written and directed by Basil Appollis, “Kaapse Stories” gives you an inspiring insight into the “rainbow nation” of Cape Town.

Guests will also enjoy a lovely 4-course meal offering the best of traditional Cape Cuisine.

This iconic, uniquely Capetonian dinner show has played over 1200 times and continues to delight and amaze audiences, both locals and from all over the world.

Please note that we don’t book this tour on a standalone basis. But you can book it online on the supplier’s website if you follow this link. To book your tickets follow the link below:


Surfing & Wine-tasting tour in the Constantia Valley

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Surfing & Wine-tasting tour in the Constantia Valley

Surfing & Wine-tasting tour in the Constantia Valley

Surfing and wine tasting may sound like an unusual combination. But this is one of our most popular tours for the adventurous and young at heart.
After you are collected from your hotel, you head straight to Muizenberg. Or whichever beach is designated for the surfing lesson. This of course all depends on the currents and the swell.

Lunch is at one of the beachside delis (for your own account). After lunch, we will head to the beautiful Constantia Valley Wine route where you can enjoy wine tasting at world renowned wineries such as Klein Constantia and Steenberg.

The price below is the price for a private tour (per person) for the full day Surfing and wine-tasting private tour.

Meerkat Adventures

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Meerkats in the Little Karoo
Meerkats in the Little Karoo

Meerkat Encounters in the Little Karoo

Meerkat Adventures in the Little Karoo

This is a very cool thing to do in the Little Karoo, for older kids and teenagers who are able to relax and just enjoy this remarkable wildlife activity. The youngest age allowed is 10 years old. The reason for this is that children have high pitched voices, and in meerkat language all alarms and warnings are high pitch sounds. On the other hand meerkats filter out grownup voices which are deeper and low frequency sounds.

You head out at the crack of dawn (actually before dawn so it helps if you stay close by) with some chairs and coffee to watch the sunrise. You then hike to the burrows of some meerkats to observe them wake up and go about the start of their day. These tours are dependent on fair weather, since these little creatures will not venture outside their burrows on cold and rainy days. This is the only site in South Africa where you can do an exclusive tour with wild meerkats. These habituated wild animals are never fed or handled by humans. Tours are presented by Devey, experienced tour guide from the De Zeekoe Guestfarm.

The tour takes about 2-3 hours and I would say it’s ideal for teenagers who are really into their wildlife.