Moremi Game Reserve

Superb 4x4 game drives are on offer in the Moremi Game Reserve, particularly known for its beautiful lagoon terrain and its relaxed predators…

The Moremi Game Reserve is slightly elevated protected tribal land on the eastern boundary of the Okavango Delta. The largest island in the delta, Chief’s Island (Mombo Camp and Chief’s Camp), is within the Moremi.

The Moremi is where the vast kalahari grasslands meets the live-giving waters of the Okavango. Here there are no fences. So animals migrate freely between the Moremi and these grasslands with vast herds of elephant migrating from the Kalahari in search of water as the dry season progresses.

Predator Heaven

Moremi Game Reserve is particularly known for its predators, both of the mammal and feathered variety. Sightings of wild dog, cheetah and leopard are a highlight. Resident species in the Moremi include lion, elephant, buffalo, hippo, giraffe, hyena, zebra, kudu, lechwe, sable and roan antelope. Animals in the Moremi tend to be relaxed, often allowing vehicles to approach closely so the Moremi is a photographer’s delight.

But, as it is a National Park, neither night drives nor game walks are permitted in the Moremi Game Reserve. However please don’t let this put you off, as the exceptional quality of the game-viewing more than makes up for this.

Land-based game-viewing

Many people have heard of the concept of staying at a ‘land’ or a ‘water’ camp when on a Okavango Safari. Broadly we agree with this. Indeed many of the Moremi camps would be considered ‘land’ camps as they focus on 4×4 game drives. However some of the Moremi camps do offer some water activities either year round or during the seasonal flood.

As the Moremi camps are in a national park, you should so expect to see other vehicles on your game drives. (Except in the private Mombo concession). However this is not a big disadvantage especially you’re also going to a private concession in the Delta.