Chobe National Park

Chobe is teeming with animals: huge herds of elephant, buffalo and their chasing predators come to this mighty river to drink...


Chobe National Park lies in the north-east of Botswana. Teeming with animals, in particular with huge herds of elephant and buffalo. The elephant population, estimated to be 30,000, is the largest concentration in Africa. With herds of up to 500 elephant or more at the end of the dry season. Large prides of lions have learnt to hunt them which adds to the safari excitement.

We have played slightly fast and loose with Chobe’s boundaries as within our Chobe area we include three distinct areas.

Firstly there are the game lodges and safari camps on the Chobe River in the north of Chobe National Park. Secondly there are the  safari camps in the Savuti marsh area, or Savute channel as it is also known. Finally we include the safari camps of the Linyanti, Selinda and Kwando private concessions to the west of Chobe National Park.

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The key to understanding Chobe lies in the complex animal migrations which follow an ancient pattern, only partly understood by man. Broadly speaking, the game is drawn to the Chobe and Kwando rivers, with their verdant floodplains, during the dry winter season and spreads out to the open grasslands of the Savute marsh, the interior pans of the Mababe depression and the western private concessions during the wetter summer months. Correspondingly, our Chobe safaris focus on these three areas and this is where the game lodges and safari camps are concentrated.

Chobe safaris & Victoria Falls

A Chobe safari is easily combined with Victoria Falls, only 1½ hours away by road. From the local Kasane airport you can fly easily to the Okavango Delta, to the Linyanti concessions or to Savute. Most of our safaris combine a couple of days in the Chobe area with a few days in the Delta. We particularly recommend the romantic Chobe river for safari honeymoons.

Why Visit?

  • Huge herds of elephant in the dry winter months of Chobe
  • Large prides of lion which have learnt to hunt elephant & buffalo, especially around Savute
  • Game-viewing is good even in the green season (Dec to March)
  • Sunset boat cruises on the Chobe river
  • Excellent walking safaris in the Linyanti, Kwando & Selinda private concessions to the west of Chobe
  • Easily combined with Victoria Falls, only 1½ hours from the Chobe riverfront

Where To Go

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