Quiz – Are you ready for a South Africa self drive tour?

Posted on January 18, 2015 by - Quizzes, Self Drive Holidays

You’ve decided you want to see South Africa. You’ve heard great things about the safari experience, and everyone’s raving about Cape Town. So you really want to see as much as you can…
The next question is: How do you want to get around? Are you interested in doing a South Africa self drive tour, or would you be better off sticking to a mix of transfers and private or scheduled touring?
Hopefully our website’s pages on South Africa Self Drive will help you decide. But we thought it would be fun to have a quiz to see if a self drive tour is right for you?


Tip: Just because you want to do some self drive along the Garden Route or in Cape Town, this doesn’t mean that you have to self-drive throughout the whole country. Many of our clients combine some self-drive with road transfers to their safari lodge, or a fly-in safari. The choice is yours! We are tailormade specialists…


Quiz: South Africa Self Drive Tour

1) How much do you value your independence?

How much do you like to be alone with your loved ones versus with other people?

a) I like to do things under my own steam. I want to spend most of my time with my travelling companions and chat with others only when I want to.
b) Generally I like to be independent but I’m happy to take the odd road transfer or day tour if it eases the stress of travelling.
c) I like the extra security of travelling with others. I also find it more sociable to be with other people.
d) I find that meeting other travellers on a holiday is fundamental to my enjoyment. So I always like taking tours in new countries. I like the feeling of being looked after and not having to worry about directions and how long it will take to get to a place.


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