Walks in the Central Cederberg Wilderness

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The Cederberg Wilderness area offers some excellent walking opportunities. Given that it is a mountainous area, most of the walks in the central Cederberg involve some steep sections. But the paths are in good condition. There are also a number of shorter walks in the valleys which are flatter. Below I outline some of the classic walks in the central Cederberg. To the Maltese Cross, the Wolfberg Cracks and the Wolfberg Arch as well as some other favourites of mine….


It is extremely hot in high summer. We don’t recommend that you plan to do major walking during the months of December to February, (even mid November and early March.) If you do walk in summer, you should start as early as possible i.e. 6 or 6.30am so that you return from your walk before the main heat of the day. Even starting early, you will need to take plenty of water with you, (2 litres per person minimum), sunblock, a wide brimmed hat and a light weight long sleeved shirt to cover up if necessary. Winter months are very cold in the mornings but with pleasant daytime temperatures, ideal for walking throughout the day, unless it is raining.

Permits for Stadsaal Caves, Maltese Cross and Wolfberg Cracks

You need to buy a day permit to walk in the Cederberg Wilderness Reserve. You can buy the permits for Stadsaal caves and the Bushmen paintings from either Mount Ceder Lodge or Dwarsrivier Farm/Sandrif Resort. Permits for the Maltese Cross and Wolfberg Cracks can only be purchased from Dwarsrivier Farm or Algeria Forest Station (Cape Nature headquarters for the Cederberg Wilderness Reserve.)



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Big Daddy at Sossusvlei – to climb or not to climb?

Posted on December 2, 2014 by - Interesting Reads

Big Daddy at Sossusvlei

The Namib desert dunes have been there for millions of years. Some believe it was the sand of the Orange river that was spilled into the strong Benguela current and carried back on land by strong winds that created these staggering high red sand dunes.

Any photographers dream, these red sand dunes are among the highest in the world. Dune 45 at 170 meters tall is the most well-known dune chosen to climb by those who visit the Sossusvlei area.

This relatively ‘easy’ climb takes anywhere from 40 minutes to one hour to reach the top, for most people. Coming down takes less than 5 minutes.

However the tallest dune, which towers over the iconic dead vlei with its 800 year old desiccated trees is Big Daddy at Sossusvlei. Only the brave, and possibly self-deluded, would take that on…

Sossusvlei-Walking up Big Daddy


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Mozambique Ocean Experience at White Pearl Resorts

Posted on December 1, 2014 by - Interesting Reads

Personal Mozambique Ocean Experience:

I am not a diver. (I keep meaning to learn to dive. But I never spend enough time at a beach resort to do a PADI course. ) But I do love to snorkel… Most of South Africa’s waters are too cold for brightly colored tropical fish species except for KwaZulu Natal. So this is an area I head to whenever I can. From Sodwana Bay and northwards, you have some stunning areas for diving and snorkeling. In a previous blog post, I mentioned two excellent coastal lodges. One in South Africa – Thonga Beach Lodge – and one just over the border in southern Mozambique – White Pearl Resorts.

At both lodges you can get a good quality snorkeling experience right from the beach, which I like. I don’t have to pay extra for a special snorkeling excursion, if I don’t want to. I can snorkel for as long as I want. And, when my kids were younger, I didn’t  have to ’um and ah’ as to whether my kids were old enough to be able to snorkel from a boat without getting scared.

White Pearl Resort has an epic, additional attraction – the Mozambique ocean experience where you can swim with the dolphins if you are lucky. Nothing is guaranteed! But there’s a pretty good chance of seeing them (70 %) and even if you don’t, you still have some excellent snorkeling to look forward to…


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