Tips for Family Safaris with Older Children or Teenagers

Posted on January 19, 2020 by - Family Safaris

Family Safaris are best with children of seven or so. By this age, the safari planning questions become easier to answer. If a lodge takes children under 12 then they’re allowed to go on the ‘adult’ game drives once they are six years old (eight years at some lodges). There’s loads of info on safaris with younger kids (some of it written by us!) This article is focusing on tips for family safaris with older children or even teenagers.

All lodges try to put families together on a game drive, which could give you some more flexibility in game drive lengths. But there is no guarantee of this. Nor can you guarantee that the other family has the same expectations as yours – they might have been coming to the bush for years!

So if you choose a safari lodge on the basis of its game-viewing rather than its kids’ safari programme, your children need to be comfortable spending 3+ hours on a game drive. However in our experience most children can do this as it’s such a novel experience. Some lodges are particularly family-friendly with kids’ activities available. But often these are geared towards younger kids of under 8-10 years old. Other lodges are happy to accept children but they don’t provide any special facilities. So your kids need to be happy to amuse themselves without the aid of television…


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Best Family Holiday Destinations in South Africa

Posted on January 18, 2020 by - Family Safaris

Most families don’t just take a safari or a beach holiday in South Africa. They choose a family safari in South Africa for its variety of scenery, its family-friendly game lodges and the opportunities for easy relaxed family adventures together. They may also like exploring a more remote area which is culturally interesting for older children. But where are the best destinations in South Africa for YOUR family?


There’s no real substitute for talking to us face to face, but as a starting point, we’ve tried to summarise some possibilities for you…


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Garden Route Attractions: 20 Things to Do with Children

Posted on December 18, 2019 by - Family Safaris, Lists and Top Tens

The Garden Route has become a hive of activity in recent years. This article on Top 20 things to do with children on the Garden Route is not designed to be an exhaustive list for families. But rather it’s a collection of our favourite activities, walks, beaches & fun adventures. The ones that have appealed most to my family over the years. Some of the activities may more suited to older children and the young at heart.

Caveat: All minimum ages were correct at recent update. However please ring to double check age restrictions to avoid disappointment.

Price Points:

Affordable – Less than R500 for a family of four (roughly equates to $33 or £27)

Moderate – Less than R900 for a family of four (roughly equates to $60 or £48)

Mid-range – Less than R1 400 for a family of four (roughly equates to $93 or £75)

Adding up – Less than R2 050 for a family of four (roughly equates to $93 or £75)

Pricey – More than R2 050 for a family of four (roughly equates to $135 or £110)


I have divided this top 20 things to do with children on the Garden Route into the following categories:

  • Attractions and Activities (5)
  • Boats (2)
  • Adventure (3)
  • Easy walks (3)
  • Beaches (2)
  • Little Karoo (3)
  • Rainy Days (2)


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