Tips on Safari Photography – part 1

Posted on January 25, 2015 by - African Travel Tips

The following are some tips on safari photography for our clients who are looking to return from their safari with some note-worthy photographs. It is not aimed at the very keen photographer who’s taken out a second mortgage to feed his photographic obsession. And nor am I going to give more than broad recommendations on what equipment to take on safari. Instead it is based on my experiences of numerous game drives mainly in Southern Africa.

However I have enlisted the much greater photographic skills of Neil Whyte of Savanna Game Lodge in the Sabi Sands. He is an experienced ranger and keen photographer for many years. He has reviewed my tips below and added some more tips of his own.

Note: I refer to the ranger as a ‘him’ as this is the case in 90% of the times. But please be aware that ‘he’ stands for he or she with no preference.

Before You Go

Consider taking two cameras between two of you. One ‘point and shoot’ or one camera with a wide angle lens (18-55 mm), and one camera with its zoom lens already mounted (eg. a 100-400 mm would be ideal). A safari is a bumpy, often dusty, experience and things happen in the blink of an eye. You don’t want to have to change lenses on the go and risk missing the action – more on that in ‘Nature of the Game Drive’. Plus a smaller camera is best on a game walk…

Your camera bag should ideally be big enough (waterproof and dust resistant) to hold your camera with its zoom lens mounted (including hood if possible). So that it’s protected when not in use, but ALWAYS ready to go…


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What are the best beaches in the Seychelles?

Posted on November 19, 2014 by - African Travel Tips

The beautiful beaches of the Seychelles …

If your idea of paradise is a really pretty beach, then you’re in good company.

It’s a widely held belief that Praslin in the Seychelles was the original ‘Garden of Eden’. Given that the Seychelles is composed of 115 tiny islands, there is probably more shoreline in this country than most. And a lot of it is just perfect natural beauty. So which are the best beaches in the Seychelles? This is a hotly disputed topic.


best-beaches-in-the-Seychelles-La Digue Island - Seychelles Inner Islands

The beaches and Islands:

One of many notable beaches is Anse Intendance on the largest island of Mahé. It’s wide with fine powder sand and the characteristic drooping palms that seem to stretch longingly toward the glass-clear turquoise waters. The large swells and strong currents suits surfing more than swimming. For safe swimming and snorkeling with no strong current, try lively and popular Fairyland beach in the south-west of Mahé, close to Anse Royale. La Pleine beach in the Port Launay marine park is also pretty with calm waters.


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