Some travellers have a rough idea of where they want to go to Africa, but the reality is that most people don’t! (Or they find out that the place on their wishlist is not ideal for this time of year. But it’s only time that they can get away…) There are so many options, plus an even greater abundance of ‘opinions’ out there.

So to here is the next installment in our ‘Where to go in Africa‘ series. Here we’re talking about safaris for the months of February, March and April. We hope this inspires you!




This article in our ‘Where to go in Africa’ series is courtesy of Cedarberg Africa, a travel and safari company specializing in African tailor-made itineraries. We have special rates with all the hotels and game lodges, so you don’t pay any more than booking direct, and often less. 


Where to go in Africa in February

You’ll be stripping off those layers in southern Africa in Feb – it’s hot hot hot! And if you love to coo at baby animals then visit the southern Serengeti and the Greater Kruger as calving season is in full swing.

We recommend:

Botswana – Makgadikgadi Pans and the Kalahari

Although it is rainy season in Botswana, it is the perfect time to visit the Kalahari Desert and Makgadigadi Pans as the plains are swarming with zebra and wildebeest during the annual migration.

Plus – because this is not the usual safari season – many of the Okavango Delta camps offer some great off-season specials. So if a Botswana safari in peak season is beyond your budget, then this could be your moment! (Let’s admit it, Botswana is THE most expensive safari destination in Africa.) You have to be a little more careful about which lodges to stay at, but this is where an experienced safari company (such as us) can help!


Zebra migration - Botswana


Northern Kenya & Uganda

Game-viewing is made easy when you can park off at a waterhole and watch ample wildlife wandering over to quench their thirst. That’s what you’ll get in these African countries in February. The hot, dry-ish weather concentrates the game, which in turn makes it a good time for a safari.


South Africa

If you want a mix of safari and other interests, you cannot beat South Africa! The southern tip of Africa is still ‘showing off’ in February. Although it can be very hot in some parts of the country, we recommend visiting Cape Town, the Winelands, the Garden Route, the Eastern Cape and Northern KwaZulu Natal.

In the Greater Kruger the bush looks magnificent and lush. In addition, birdlife is more abundant and animals give birth to their young during the summer months. But be warned, it is toasty at this time of year!

Vineyards close to Stellenbosch - Hotels in Stellenbosch


Tanzania (Southern Serengeti)

It is calving season for wildebeest in the southern Serengeti. So although their movement is relatively static, it is still a sight to behold!


Where to go in Africa in March

The ‘walking safari’ season begins in southern Africa, so if you prefer a more energetic itinerary then it’s worth considering. Speaking of ‘energy’ – the best two months of diving in the Seychelles is about to kick off, so get booking!

We recommend:


Although the famous wildebeest migration occurs in Kenya between July and September, that doesn’t mean it’s the only window you have to visit! Kenya is arguably the classic safari destination, and March is certainly a good time to go on a safari!



Keen divers should definitely consider visiting the Seychelles in March. The diving is world class at this time of year…

Seychelles diving - photographing turtles


South Africa

It’s time to put on your walking shoes in SA! The weather is still warm but the days are cooling down. This presents the perfect climate for more active holidays and even the start of the season for walking safaris.

As in February, you can travel to most parts of the country in March. But if you are still not sure exactly where to go, contact us and we’ll do all the planning for you!


Hiking and walking in South Africa



What a great time to visit beautiful Ethiopia! The dry season is coming to an end, so besides cooler days, the cost of travelling in March is a little lower too. Book a trip to Ethiopia’s stunning historical sites… it’s one of our favourite times to visit!



Again a trip to the Kalahari Desert & Makgadikgadi Pans is worth mentioning. This is the last month when you can benefit from the excellent green season specials. And, who doesn’t love a special offer, right?


Where to go in Africa in April

In South Africa, April is probably the last month that you can still enjoy the Cape sunshine with no rainfall. (Though that has not been the case this year when balmy weather continued into May with an extended drought!)

In contrast, the wetter weather has stopped further north in Africa and safari camps are opening up again.

We recommend:

Zambia & Malawi

As mentioned, lodges are reopening in Zambia and Malawi! Wondering why? Well during the rainy season the ground becomes too water-logged for safaris, so most camps are ‘closed’ from mid November to March. Seasonal bush camps are then reassembled in April and the “Green Season” begins with lower prices in April and May.

gracing elephants



Swimming, snorkelling and diving are superb, with good visibility and calm seas. If you are set on visiting other beach destinations then consider places like Mauritius, Madagascar and Mozambique as the cyclone season is over.


coral reef diving in mozambique


South Africa

You know those days where you can enjoy the warm sunshine during the day, but get to cosy up when the sun goes down? That’s what it’s like in April in South Africa. It’s a great time for a walking, active trip. And although the sea will definitely be a bit chilly in the Western Cape, you can still enjoy warm seas in KwaZulu Natal on the Dolphin Coast and coastal Maputuland.


This ‘Where to go in Africa’ series is by Cedarberg Africa

Cedarberg Africa is a travel and safari company specializing in African tailor-made itineraries. We have special rates with all the hotels and game lodges. Booking through us will cost you no more than booking direct, and often less. So our expertise and knowledge comes at no extra cost to you! Contact us now….



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