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Garden Route Golf

Cedarberg was amazing. You were highly recommended by one of your clients and now I know why. The attention to detail was evident through ou ...

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Reviews by Ginny Russell

Recce to Ethiopia

Located around: Ethiopia

Ethiopia does not disappoint. It’s the mysterious, exotic destination of my imagination and really does feel as though you are stepping back to the 12th century at times

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Dulini Safari Lodge Review by Ginny

Review of: Dulini Lodge

Dulini is owner-managed by a second-generation manager-guide and this is what sets the place apart. The rooms are more classic but no less opulent than those at THE most lauded and awarded lodges and the guiding and hosting is on a par. It really was top notch as indeed was the wine, the food and even the singing and dancing around the fire.

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Samara Game Reserve Karoo Lodge Review

Review of: Samara Karoo Lodge

Samara is a stunning property, suited for 2nd time travelers looking for something different, not the usual safari experience. The cheetah project focuses on Sibella, the resident cheetah, who has now successfully raised many cubs and is enjoying her Karoo surroundings. Her story is inspirational to say the least, a true ‘will to survive’ tale.

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Savanna Tented Camp review

Savanna Tented Camp really was a super camp with excellent staff. What I particularly liked was the standard of guiding (which on both visits has been uniformly very high). I like the fact that they employ older guides who are experienced and very comfortable with guest interaction. They are also happy to stay out longer… Read more »

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