Monday 30 March

Cedarberg UK – all the UK team are working from home. We are encountering some intermittent problems with our telephone line which may be to do with the fact that so many companies are now also using VOIP phones. Please email if your call is not answered – but do tell us as we have to keep reporting the fault!

Cedarberg SA – all the SA team are working from home for a period of 3 weeks until Thursday 16th April. Our telephone system is working and so you should be able to ring us. But please email us if you cannot get through. South Africa is experiencing intensive internet and phone usage and thus the system is under strain.

Currently we have 1280 cases in South Africa (with 2 deaths). Testing is quite extensive (37,000 to date) and 31 people have recovered. There are a few cases in our other destinations but not over 100 cases in any one country.


Travel Restrictions

For understandable reasons several African nations have now taken to the decision to temporarily ban entry or enforce self-quarantine for 14 days to people coming from certain parts of the world, notably the USA, the United Kingdom and several European Countries. Those we currently know of include:

Botswana: Denied entry for visitors from China, Japan, South Korea, Iran, USA, UK, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and India.

South Africa: Suspension of visas on arrival scheme and denied entry for visitors from China, South Korea, Italy, Spain, France, Switzerland, Germany, Iran, USA and UK

Kenya: Denied entry for visitors from any country that is known to have the virus (ie most of the world.)

Ethiopia, Madagascar, Mozambique, Rwanda, and Uganda: Self-quarantine for 14 days for travellers who have recently been in affected countries.

We hope to gain some idea of the expected duration of these bans and suspensions in the next few days.

From 17 March the Foreign Office has advised British nationals against all but essential international travel, for a period of 30 days. The whole EU has also warned against any international travel.

Southern Africa’s Safari Industry

In response to the travel restrictions, our suppliers and partners in each country are adapting to these changing circumstances in terms of reviewing their attitude towards postponement or possible cancellation. However, because few itineraries have only one end supplier (airline, hotel etc.) we have to review each case individually.


Cedarberg’s Approach

We are monitoring the situation as it changes around the world and over time. And keeping up to date with all the pertinent information from the World Health Organization website, as well as Government advisory sites in the UK and USA. See our Links below.

What if you want to change your travel plans ?

Please talk to your consultant or travel agent. Broadly speaking, the options open to you will vary according to the date of your first travel arrangements with us.

We have clients located in many countries. So our exact advice will also depend on where you are living, your citizenship and your destination.

Currently we are focusing our attention on clients who were due to travel in the next 30 to 60 days.

Travel date is over 60 days away

Currently the situation is the same as if you wanted to change your plans for any other reason. Though our industry is trying to be as flexible as possible. If you decide you do not want to travel at that particular time then you have two options.

  • Postpone your trip – Speak to your Cedarberg consultant who will see whether it will be possible to postpone your trip to a later date. We aim keep any additional costs of new arrangements to a minimum. Most suppliers are being flexible. But there may be some costs depending on your proposed travel dates e.g. most notably your international and regional flights.

Plus, depending on the new travel dates, there may be extra costs due to seasonality changes or yearly price increases. Any additional costs will laid out by your consultant.

  • Cancellation of your trip. You are entitled to cancel your trip as per our normal terms and conditions. This is likely to result in either loss of deposit at this stage. However please discuss your specific circumstances with us. We, and our suppliers, will aim to be as fair as possible in terms of the financial consequences of cancelling.

If this is your preferred option, please first contact your insurance company without delay to see if you would be able to recover any of these costs. This may be possible with a doctors’ letter for a medical condition, for example. Your insurance cover will not cover “Disinclination to Travel” unless you have paid for a “cancel under any circumstances” specific premium (which we appreciate may not be a possibility).


Useful Links

John Hopkins Coronavirus Map Live – this shows up to date info on number of cases by country, number of recovered cases and number of deaths

World Health Organization (WHO)

Travel Health Pro

UK Government Guidance

USA Department of State – Coronavirus travel update

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