Seychelles Diving

Marvel in the near paradise experience of diving in the Seychelles


Seychelles Diving Holidays & Resorts

The Seychelles forms part of the world’s longest coral reef system and has some of the world’s best diving sites. A number of Marine Reserves ensure that the fish and coral are not disturbed by motor boat pollution. Add in warm, aqua-marine water, powdery beaches and a sublime year-round climate, and it’s no wonder that diving in the Seychelles is so popular. A number of islands lie on the edge of the Seychelles bank. This drops some 2,000 meters into the turquoise Indian Ocean teeming with fish. Here you can enjoy a breath-taking underwater world of sudden drop-offs, walls, pinnacles and canyons. Seychelles diving holidays are usually based at one of the luxurious dive and beach resorts, mostly on one of the inner or outer islands.

Best spots for diving in the Seychelles – when and where?

Diving is possible throughout the year in the Seychelles with average water temperatures around 29C during most months. The best months are March to May and then September to November. Visibility ranges from 8 to 30 metres.

During June to August, the monsoon winds make adventurous diving (to hard to reach sites) a little more difficult. It also reduces water temperatures to approx 25C. This in turn increases plankton levels and reduces visibility. However the upside is that the magnificent whale shark, reaching up to 12-14 meters in length, is attracted by the increased plankton. So sightings of these amazing creatures, with their 1.5 meter wide mouths, is dramatically increased.

Seychelles diving in the Inner Islands

The inner islands are the remains of a submerged mountain range. This is the best bet for novice or intermediate divers as there’s huge variety of dive sites and excellent diving facilities. The northern islands offer impressive granite reefs, soft corals and sponges. The islands to the south have wall dives and drop-off dives.

Many of the inner islands of the Seychelles are particularly known for their excellent diving such as Denis Island. Special sightings include green and hawksbill turtles, butterfly fish, angelfish, squirrel fish, sweepers, humphead parrot fish, stingrays and reef sharks.

Numerous dive sites have been identified around North Island and nearby Silhouette Island. Sainte Anne Resort is surrounded by the Sainte Anne Marine National Park , a protected reserve which ensures stunning marine life on show for divers and snorkelers. Its white beaches are a favourite spot for nesting turtles. All of these dive resorts offer PADI Open Water dive courses.

If you are based at one of the hotels on Mahe and Praslin, you can also enjoy diving with one of the reputable dive companies based there such as Trek Divers, Whitetip Divers and Octopus Diving. They run PADI dive courses and also operate dive excursions to some of the inner islands.

Seychelles diving on the Outer Islands

Desroches Island is known as perhaps the best place for diving in Seychelles with mini-walls and canyons, to numerous wreck sites. The coral atoll is circled by 70km of reef waiting to be explored. This offers 14 unforgettable dives, none of which are more than 20 minutes away by boat. Here you might encounter sailfish, whitetip and nurse sharks, manta rays and whale sharks.